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Creativity to implement and move toward a solution.

わたしたちの存在意義はクリエイティビティで商品やサービスの課題を、また社会課題の解決策をつくりだすことです。 そしてワクワクや楽しさに満ちた自らのビジョンを実現し、人々がよりこころ豊かになる原動力になることです。

Our purpose of existence is to provide the creative ability to solve problems with products and services, as well as overcoming barriers regarding social issues.

We are committed to realising new enjoyable ideas and plans that encourage client and public happiness.










CEO’s message

Produce, mobilize and open the way.

For over a decade now, we have been providing design and marketing plans, mainly in the field of sale promotions.


During the final moments of the customer’s shop purchase, we thoughtfully provide the ultimate point of appeal and impressive eye-catching phrases regarding the shop’s products and services. Moreover, we work out the optimal marketing strategy for sales. Customers make decisions regarding shop purchases in only 3 to 7 seconds. Therefore, business is extremely rewarding because we can immediately acknowledge our results.


Conventional advertising adheres to post promotional posters in a fixed frame, whereas the sales promotion of “POP” is different in that it is achieved by daily circumstances. For instance, no matter how effective the design that we deliver, it may not be adopted by the customer due to the salesperson’s lack of motivation, large workload or specific showcase. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes disregarded without being used.

The more I know about business where “order-made advertisements” are not applicable, or even the world of advertising of which I have no experience, the stronger my will is to take this challenge on. If I cannot reach the goal just by being stationary, I would rather create a means myself to progress forward.


We, “Handle, Inc.”, will not only meet customers’ requests, but are also committed to create excellent products and services for much improved customer satisfaction.


わたしたちは商品・サービス、社会問題に対し、現状を把握し周辺環境を調査し仮説を検証しながら本質的な課題を見つけ出します。 課題を抽出した上で、知財やコンテンツ(コンセプト立案/コミュニケーション戦略/ロゴ・キャラクター開発/販促企画/デザイン開発/プロダクト開発)の創作・実施により解決策を導き出します。 施策の実施においても進行プロセスを創意工夫し着実に遂行していきます。 依頼を受けて課題解決策をつくりだす受託事業と、自ら商品やサービス開発を行う自社事業を両輪で進めることが わたしたちの特徴であり、両者から得られる知見の相互フィードバックで生まれるシナジー効果により、 発想力や企画力を磨いて高い成果を築き上げていきます。

Company strategy

 We’ll analyze the status-quo and investigate the product environment and services. Further investigating these social issues to identify barriers, all the while mindfully testing our hypothesis. Initially creating intellectual material, we’ll naturally come up with a satisfying solution. This includes communication strategies, logos, characters, marketing plans, designs and product concepts.


During the implementation stage, we will carefully monitor progress to make it move forward as planned. Our company features two categories of business that are conducted simultaneously: Contract business in which we offer solutions upon  customer requests and secondly our own business in which we independently develop products and services.


This way we can expect the two to create a synergistic effect. We will enhance current abilities to create better ideas and better marketing plans to achieve our optimal results.



-​-and more  coming soon

SAPPORO / BOURBON / NAGATANIEN / JIM CREW'S / NOIN / Panasonic ....and more 

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会社名 株式会社ハンドル

代表者 代表取締役 小森円士

所在地 〒102-0093  東京都千代田区平河町2-5-3 GRID5階

設   立  2019年11月

​事業内容  広告制作事業、オリジナルプロダクト事業、アパレル事業

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